Do kittens love watching movies with their owners?

There is no surprise for the kitten owners to observe them watching the movies on the TV. What surprises them instead, is why they are watching the movies so intently when they do not understand the language, the content & the characters of the movie?

However, the fact remains that the kittens watch TV and many times react to them as well.So, our curiosity is to know, do the kittens really love to watch movies with their owners?

Here are a few observations about this behavior of the kittens.

Do kittens see the colors the same as we do?

Cats see some of the colors like yellow, blue, and green color in the full spectrum. However, they can’t see many colors like red so clearly. For this reason, the overall picture that they see is not as bright and vibrant as we humans see.

Having said you would have observed that while your cat is watching the movie with you, it suddenly gets up and rush towards the TV and hits it as though it is trying to hunt something. Though we know that cats enjoy the window watching and there are known reasons for that, however, it is intriguing to most of the owners what allures cats to the movies?

Do kittens see images at the same frequency as we do?

45 Hz is the frequency at which the human eyes process the images. The TV streams the movie images at a frequency of 60 Hz. For this reason, we see these images as an uninterrupted movie.

Bengals Cats, however, process images at a frequency of 70-80 Hz. It means that their frequency of processing the images is more than the rate of displayed images in a movie. So, instead of seeing the images as continuous motion, …

Top 5 movies on Kittens

Due to their ability to follow instructions, dogs are generally the more preferred pets to get longer and more significant roles in the movies. However, Bengal kittens too have their moments to shine on the silver screen.There have been many movies made on the kittens. Some of them received a lot of appreciation from the viewers and the critics alike. These movies would remain in the memories of the spectators for a long time.We have picked up the top 5 movies on kittens in which their characters have made a lasting impression on the viewers mind.

The Private Life of a Cat

This is a 1947 movie directed by Alexander Hammid. The black & white movie unwinds the most fascinating movements of a cat’s life beginning from birth.The movie offers a cat-eye viewpoint while still keeping the humorous interlinks through its innovative editing and simple narrative for human viewership.The movie takes off as the kittens begin to walk & roll together & over each other. You quickly get engrossed in their cutest of moves and actions. The movie further builds with the kittens getting fluffier. They are more stable while they walk and bold in their actions.The kitten-birth moment in the movie fills you with a feeling of love. And you have those moments of sheer warmth & appreciation when you watch the little one trying to climb the long post.

The AristoCats

Wolfgang Reitherman created this 1970 musical masterpiece in the memory of the legendary Walt Disney. The AristoCats is based on the last approved animated movie by Walt Disney.The storyline begins with a nicely groomed Duchess with her three kittens thrown away in the middle of nowhere by a wicked butler. The cool cat Thomas O’Malley takes them back to Paris to his penthouse pad. There are many …

How to use the best movie streaming facilities to enhance your entertainment?

How to use the best movie streaming facilities to enhance your entertainment?

Have you planned to watch any movie in your favourite genre without stepping out? You do not require downloading such movie hereafter. You can access and use the movie streaming service online from anywhere at any time. Advancements in the technology sector make the media streaming very popular and enhance entertainment for everyone. Many platforms online provide the world-class movie streaming facilities with an objective to satisfy every user. It is the right time to explore the basics and benefits of the movie streaming. 

Explore the basics of the movie streaming

The overall quality of audio and video of the movies in all the movie streaming platforms are high at this time. If you are streaming the videos in the high definition quality, then you can get 100% entertainment and make your wishes about the enhanced level of entertainment come true. You will be satisfied not only because loads of options in the movies and world-class movie streaming facilities accessible from the comfort of any place at any time.

An instant viewing is an important benefit for every user of the movie streaming website. Platforms specialized in the movie streaming these days support users to watch movies and shows in their favourite genres devoid of worrying about the download time. If you have a stable Internet connection, then you can prefer and watch movies and TV shows in the streaming platform from anywhere at any time. There is no requirement of memory space as no download is involved while using the movie streaming facilities online.

Individuals who download movies in high definition these days get much difficulty as running out of disk space problems. They can use the streaming media and watch movies and TV shows online as per their wishes about the enhanced and enjoyable leisure. They are happy …