If you had to choose between movies Star Wars and Cats, which would you go to see?

Star Wars. Definitely. i had loved star wars already before watching the actual movies. In fact, when the special editions of the first trilogy came to theaters within the nineties, i used to be so happy after I could finally read the opening crawl on my own. Years later, I had the majority of The Phantom Menace memorized. I still feel lots of nostalgic joy over the prequels. The Clone Wars animated series, Rebels, Solo, Rogue One, the books, the games, and both The Force Awakens and therefore the Last Jedi all continued to create up my love for this amazing saga. Granted, if it hadn’t hit me when it did as a young kid, and if my dad hadn’t become an exponent after they first came out back within the day only to introduce the films to his kids in a while, I don’t know if I’d be as big of a follower as i’m or maybe a friend in the slightest degree. such a lot of what i prefer in popular culture and storytelling goes back to Star Wars. i like stories, both experiencing them being told and telling them myself due to about to know Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Spider-Man, and also the X-Men at a tender age and having all of them in my possession as i grew older. For british shorthair kittens , Iwill maybe watch it some time. it’s visually stunning and can be an entire lot of weird if nothing else. i’ve got always enjoyed musicals, probably due to being during a few as a child (again, nostalgia fuels plenty of fandom), but it’s tough to be a devotee of musicals when it costs most to determine any of them on stage. I’m all for the transition to the large screen for these stories, if done as best as they will be. i believe there was some heart missing within the adaptations of Into the Woods and Les Miserable, but I’m still glad they were made because maybe it’ll mean Hollywood doesn’t quit on the concept. I mean, it’s probably the sole chance I’ll get to determine it performed for thus relatively cheap a seat. I don’t expect to like it, but it might be an honest time.